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Our business is built on the experience of serving our clients

About Jason

Jason Sturm is a seasoned professional with a multi-faceted career that spans across several industries and professions. Throughout his endeavors, he has always approached his work with an analytical mind. As an Analytical Chemist for over twenty years, Jason has worked to develop innovative solutions to challenging situations.

With his natural analytical talents, Jason tackled issues methodically, with integrity and conviction, He solved problems step-by-step, analyzing materials until he arrived at the correct result. As a Financial Planner, Jason utilizes this very same approach to his and his client’s advantage.

“When I told my family that I wanted to name my Financial Planning firm, ‘Wealth Analytics Resources,’ they gave me a funny look and questioned, ‘what kind of name is that for a financial services business?’

To answer their question, I simply pointed to the way I’ve done my work as an Analytical Chemist – it’s who I’ve always been, and who I’ll always continue to be.”

Jason Sturm 

His Process

Jason begins his analytical process by seeking to understand the question at hand. If a goal is unknown, how can you possibly work towards it? When Jason meets with a client for the first time, he begins by asking as many questions as necessary to ascertain their unique position, desires, and requirements. By understanding these fundamental aspects, Jason then works collaboratively with his clients to help them determine their goals;

  • Saving for their children’s college tuition
  • Maximizing their tax savings
  • Early retirement
  • Leaving a strong financial legacy to future generations

In essence, he helps his clients build a financial road map that they can follow to achieve their goals. Jason works side-by-side to provide financial guidance every step along the way, because he understands just how important his role is in the lives of his clients.

No matter the situation, Jason Sturm remains steadfast in his dedication to serving his clients passionately.

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